Knative 2022 TOC Election

2022 Voters Guide - Knative TOC Election

The role of this election is to fill the four (4) seats due for election this year on the Knative Technical Oversight Committee. The elected members will serve two (2) year terms.

This election will shape the future of Knative as a community and project. While WGs help shape the individual direction of the project, the TOC Charter covers the technical direction, health of the project and community as a whole.

This is a brief summary of the election; for more details, such as how to become a candidate, see the README.


All Knative contributors with 50 or more contributions over the last year are eligible to vote. You will see either ELIGIBLE or NOT ELIGIBLE at the top of this screen. If you are not eligible, but should be, please file an exception request or contact


  • April 26 - Announcement of Election
  • May 10 - All candidate nominations are due by 23:59 UTC (4:59pm Pacific)
  • May 13 - Election Begins via Elekto UI
  • May 24 - Voting exception forms are due by 23:59 UTC (4:59pm Pacific)
  • May 27 - Election Closes by 23:59 UTC (4:59pm Pacific)
  • June 1 - Announcement of Results

Changing Your Vote

With Elekto, you may revoke and re-cast your ballot until the election deadline above. To do so, set a passphrase when you cast your ballot; as long as you have that passphrase, you may re-cast your ballot by returning to the site.